How to stream on twitch without OBS

live streaming platform

If you are a game lover and still you have not tried the Twitch then you are missing to experience the amazing gaming features which are offered by the Twitch. On the internet, you can able to find a list of online streaming sites for gaming, and each of them offering different gaming options and features for their users. The Twitch is one among those top-rated live-streaming gaming platforms and this also supports community building among the live streamers. You can live stream on Twitch PC without OBSbut the fact is most of the streamers don’t even have an idea about it.

Twitch live streaming platform

The Twitch is the online gaming platform which has been held by the Amazon for the gamers and other lifestyle casters. The twitch steamers are broadcasting the gaming options through sharing their screen with their gamers who are interested in playing the game and watching the live streaming games and activities. The twitch is not like the other gaming platform they offer both paid and free versions of twitch for their players but the advantage of the paid version is you don’t get ads while streaming the game and provides more access to robust social, streaming, and storage features.

How to stream on twitch

The twitch platform can act as a social gaming platform for the people and because of this people who are interested in this gaming platform look for more ways to stream on twitch, still, some of them are looking for the ways to stream on Twitch PC without OBS. The main requirement for streaming on twitch is a gaming account for the gamer and then you have to concentrate on the software for processing.

As usual like other sites, to access the site you have to signup the twitch gaming platform by providing all your necessary information but before sign up read the community guidelines.


After creating an account you have to concentrate on the gaming software that is OBS, the main problem of getting this software is their affordability. When it comes to software you may get options to choose from and each of them comes with their pros and cons, so be aware of it before buying the software. Still, you can access the twitch without OBS software directly through the chrome. So get to know of it.

Final verdicts

When you are looking to stream on the twitch without OBS then you should get enough knowledge on it so that the task of yours becomes so easier.

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