Can I use PA speakers as a studio monitor?

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If you are the one who is working as a DJ or any other musical field and looking to buy the equipment that the beginner wants. In that case, speakers going to be in topmost priority, when you are looking for the speakers you can find so many varieties in it that may confuse you to choose which one on your exact need. Even though there are several speakers, DJ gets confused on which to pick either studio monitors or PA speakers. Some people may suggest you using PA speakers as studio monitors is the best idea, but it is not. To get a clear idea about the topic read further which can help you in grasping the idea on it.

PA speaker’s vs studio monitors

The studio monitors or DJ speakers are designed for studio recordings so you can mix the songs based on your need with the flow. But the PA speakers are not like the studio monitors they can only provide you the same mix at much higher volume, the best thing about PA speakers are they can produce high volume without distortion in that case they can be considered as best. Still, you cannot use the PA speakers as studio monitors.

Using PA speakers as studio monitors

The PA speakers produce double times the sound than the studio monitors, but still for these reasons you can have it as studio monitors. If you are using the PA speakers as studio monitors you can mix the music but their quality will be bad.

When comparing to the studio monitors the cost of the PA speakers is very high and they can create high volume. But this quality is not enough for music mixings, the high volume they producing is a drawback for sound mixing because due to high volume it can create some nuances in the mix.

At the same time, due to the high volume of PA speakers, you cannot listen to the music clearly, even if you try to listen to your mix via the PA speakers with low volume.

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Types of PA speakers

Other than the volume of the PA speakers you have to get to know the types of PA speakers, it includes active and passive speaker types. In that case, having PA speakers like studio monitors don’t have an issue when you know how to handle them.

Bottom lines

Using the PA speakers as a studio monitor is a bad idea but if you are seriously thinking about it, then get to know every piece of information about the relevant topic that will help you in taking the right decision.

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