Safely Ground a Turntable Record Player with this Methods

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Have you ever grown tired of listening to the same old records on your turntable? What if there was a way to change out those albums and listen to something new? The process is quite easy, so don’t worry about it being too hard to do yourself. Just follow these steps:

We all know that vinyl records are making a comeback. But, if you want to buy one and listen to it on your turntable, you’ll need an adapter. Why? The needle is designed for use with the groove of a record and not the flat surface of a CD or digital music player. This post will teach you how to ground your turntable record player so that you can enjoy listening to those old-time hits from yesteryear!

Does a turntable need to be grounded?


This blog post will show you how to ground a turntable record player, one of the most common mistakes people make. This will lead to hums and buzzes in your sound system. However, you can fix this problem by grounding your turntable properly!

  • The first step is to find where the power cord plugs into the wall outlet. There should be a 3-pronged plug with two vertical slots for current coming from an electric socket, and one horizontal slot goes into another electric socket on the other side of it. Remove any plastic coverings so you can see all three slots
  • Now, there are two different ways to ground a turntable: using either a green or bare wire
  • Start by turning off the power at the breaker box, then unplug the cord from any outlets that might be nearby
  • Next, remove the screws holding your platter in place and carefully lift one side using caution not to touch anything near where it will be plugged back in again.

Turntable ground wire

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Turntables were once a way to listen to music and enjoy the sounds of vinyl. Nowadays, turntables are more of an instrument than a device for playing records. The DJ can scratch or reverse the record, change speeds, and even lower the volume just by lightly touching it with their hand. These days many DJs use turntables as part of their live sets because they provide such unique sound qualities that cannot be replicated in any other way. See some DJs spinning on these fantastic machines for an entertaining night out at your favorite club or bar.

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